Mission Critical

Not every mechanical contractor understands your mission and how their performance directly affects you and your success.  We DO!  Not only does it take the proper tools and technical training, it takes an understanding of what mission critical really means.   We understand that Mission Critical for you means mission imperative for us.  The systems in your facility, not only the ones that perform your critical mission, but also the mechanical systems that create the perfect environment for them to function, have to work, period.  Failure is not an option.  W. L. Gary Company understands your mission and we can help you achieve it.

Partners on a Mission

W. L. Gary Company is ready to help you achieve and maintain the critical environment you need.  Whether you need assistance setting up the Method of Operations Plan (MOP’s) for your facilities or a full technical staff on site 24/7 or anything in between, we can provide you with a complete package of services.

We are proud to offer individual services or bundled services. Our bundling service allows us to create a customized solution that fits your facility and requirements.

  • HVAC service and repairs
  • Plumbing service and repairs
  • UPS systems
  • Emergency Generators
  • Data Center Cleaning
  • Fire Suppression
  • Control Systems Work
  • Planned Maintenance for all of the Above
  • Round the clock Staffing
  • Data Center Monitoring

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We are your solutions based Mission Critical Partner.   Call us or send us a message to discuss your mission and how we can help you achieve that mission.