Our qualified team of plumbers and steamfitters can diagnose and repair any issue, no matter the size. From snaking a toilet to video inspecting sewer lines and from changing filters to retrofitting entire heating and air conditioning systems, you can rely on us to identify and solve the mechanical situations in your building.


When trouble with your plumbing system arises, you need service plumbers you can trust to get the job done right and alleviate your problems.  As a Washington, DC plumbing contractor for over 100 years, W. L. Gary Company has the experience to provide solutions with a wide range of plumbing services.


As a HVACR contractor in Washington, DC for decades, W. L. Gary Company understands how critical the efficient and effective operation of your heating and cooling equipment is to keeping your business operating at its peak.  With our range of HVAC services we can help you proactively manage your systems to keep your tenants comfortable and your equipment running efficiently.

plumbing and hvac maintenance agreements

HVAC and Plumbing equipment constitutes a major part of the investment you have in your building.  The money spent on energy to run this equipment is typically one of the largest cost centers of a business.  With proper planned maintenance you can not only extend the life of that equipment, but you can also save energy, which saves money, and helps reduce costly unscheduled down time. Contact us today to learn more about how maintenance can save you costly downtime!

plumbing and hvac energy efficiency services

HVAC and water efficiency play a crucial role in a building’s overall efficiency.  W. L. Gary Company’s service team can help reduce unnecessary energy and water usage and, consequently, increase net operating income.  Explore ways we focus on Energy Efficiency.