Few people think very often about the sewage lines and pipes that are running through buildings and under the streets, until there is a problem.  Pipes left unchecked and uncleaned can fill with debris, accumulated grease and scale buildup, or become infested by roots.  All of these scenarios can cause backups, or even worse, the deterioration of your pipes.  To maintain the maximum flow capacity of a pipeline and prevent extensive rehabilitation work in the future, have your pipes cleaned periodically.

Why should you jet?

All pipe systems are vulnerable to blockages which can result in inconvenient backups or possible financial loss.  Hydro-jetting is one of the most efficient ways to clean pipes, even more so than mechanical rodding or cable machines.

Hydro-jetting is performed with a high pressure hose that expels pressurized water that effectively breaks down debris, roots, and other foreign objects and washes them away.  The jetter not only alleviates blockages but also cleans all sides of the pipes, even debris that has settled on the bottom.  At the completion of hydro-jetting, pipelines are free to flow as designed.

Hydro-jetting versus Cable Machine



Less labor intensive

Constant pressure and cleaning power throughout pipe

Lightweight and flexible

Safe and practical for a large variety of pipes, including those with difficult access, suspended pipes, and vertical stacks

Cable Machine


Labor intensive

The farther the cable is in the pipe the greater the reduction of cutting power

Heavy and cumbersome

Unpractical and difficult to clean some pipes, including those with difficult access, suspended pipes, and vertical stacks

What W. L. Gary can do for you

W. L. Gary Company has a full line of jetter equipment from a large tow-behind jetters to compact and portable jetters that can go anywhere in your building to alleviate blockages in your systems.  In addition, W. L. Gary Company can set your building up with a customized maintenance cleaning program to maintain your sewers based on your operational needs.  We can also use Video Inspection service to check the inside of your piping system to check for alignment problems or any other situations that could cause stoppages.

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