Plan & Spec

When W. L. Gary Company is brought onto a team with a design ready to go, we utilize our resources to work with that team to create a quality project for the client.  Through the use of coordinated drawings we insure accountability and “buy-in” from all trades on the project. This helps avoid costly conflicts and unproductive downtime in the field during installation. To help meet challenging schedules, we use pre-fabrication to help us install all parts of the mechanical system on time. We are proactive in our approach to short interval planning, always making sure to communicate with the general contractor, construction manager, and the other trades involved. We will drive the completion of your project and insure critical path activities do not slip and are accounted for well in advance.

We believe that for us to be successful we need to help ensure that the other trades working on the project are successful.  Whether it is a trade that comes before us that our work depends on, a trade working beside us, or a trade that follows our work and depends on us, our success is intertwined with theirs.  It is this team concept that makes a project successful.  We pride ourselves in our active role in the entire project, not just the mechanical work. Whether we are the lead or one of many team members, our track record shows that we can handle obstacles and demanding schedules on the most challenging of projects.

Over the years, W. L. Gary Company has built tremendous relationships with subcontractors and vendors of equipment and material. Our reputation in the mechanical contracting industry stands on its own. Through these relationships we are able to offer our customers the best value as well as the best product, provided by the area’s best mechanical journey workers, subcontractors, and vendors.  At W. L. Gary Company, we partner with those who perform.